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Street SUP

The following Kahuna Creations range is now available in Australia through SUP DownUnder. Call to demo or purchase on 0423 559 909

Kahuna Creations Sticks


5’6″, 6’0

The panda-friendly Bamboo Kahuna Big Stick has an incredible feel and heavy flex, which delivers energy return on each stroke by “flex and snap” energy – a must in your quiver. The shaft is made of solid bamboo, and the flex mimics the feel of paddling in wave on a paddleboard. Take your land paddling to the next level with the Bamboo Kahuna Stick!



HAKA (black) or KALANI (green)








The adjustable Kahuna Big Stick is an all-time favourite for land paddlers across the globe.

Land Paddling is Kahuna’s most fearless innovation for no-limits long boarding. Riders use the Kahuna Big Stick to lean into intense downhill turns, or as a land paddle for cross country long boarding and an excellent work out.

The Adjustable land paddle comes with an adjustable black aluminium shaft, our exclusive soft-grip handle, and new Kahuna Road Blade II.

Adjusts from 4’6″ to 6′.


Kahuna Creation’s – the Inventor and patent holder of the Land Paddle, is stoked to release the incredible, new Gen 4 Road Blade!

  • The Gen. 4  Road Blade™ is specifically designed to last longer and soften the impact of the stroke against the road.
  • Kahuna Creations’ unique secret formula that combines the strength, and lightness of thermoplastic elastomer and carbon multiplex rubber compound provides the ultimate in land paddle technology.
  • Not only will the Gen 4 road blade last longer, it will feel like butter when you stroke on land.

Kahuna Creations Boards

SHAKA 46″ X 14″ LONGBOARD – $395

SURF (red) or KAHILI (black)

The Kahuna Creations’ Shaka Longboards are Kahuna Creations’ crown jewels of the product line up.  There is nothing like riding this board because of the incredible shape and setup.  The shape features a 14″ wide deck with a huge rocker shape (the tip and tail bend upwards).  The shape is engineered to provide the smoothest ride and deliver deep carving action.  The wide footprint along with the rocker shape gives the riders such a smooth ride and ultimate control.

If you want a board that is perfect for land paddling, the Shaka is the board for you. This longboard is a true, soulful board that will be cherished for many many years.



  • 46″ long x 14″ wide (perfect for Surf or SUP style riding)
  • California Beach Sand Grip
  • Surfboard Rocker Shape (Tip and Tail Curved Up)
  • Delivers Ultimate Responsiveness & Control to Expert & Novice Riders
  • True Land Padding Board that Delivers a Sweet & Forgiving Ride
  • Canadian Maple 8-ply
  • Bear Trucks
  • Genuine Kahuna Creations 70mm 82A Wheels
  • Artwork by David Ray Gould is based on Ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs
  • *Wheel colour subject to change. 180kg max recommended weight.











The Kahuna Bombora Longboards are probably the funnest, most surfy feeling board on the planet.  At just under 5′ long, this 59″ hand painted classic is the ultimate SUP for the land board.  Built specifically for everything Land Paddle, Street SUP, and Street Surf related.

Highly recommend pairing with either the Classic or Bamboo Kahuna Sticks.

  • 59″ Long x 14″ Wide (perfect for Surf or SUP style riding)
  • Weighs less than 8kg
  • Strength from its 100% Baltic Birch
  • Bear Trucks
  • 70mm 82A Wheels
  • Deep, wide Kahuna wheel wells to eliminate wheel bite (wheel hitting the deck)
  • Stable, surf shape that is crazy fun to ride
  • Painted pin striping for incredible, beautiful finish
  • Ideal for stand-up paddle cross training
  • The absolute most stable ride
  • *Wheel colour subject to change. 200kg max recommended weight.





The Beach longboard is the flexy, beach riding, board made for everyone!  NEW Hawaiian Island graphic. One of the most sweetest carviest rides you can get! Great for cruising around your neighbourhood.

  • Dimensions: 48″ X 10″ X 1/2″, 7 ply (all purpose board)
  • California Beach Sand Grip
  • Camber and Flex for a fun easy going ride
  • Trucks: Bear 180mm Premium Longboard Trucks
  • 70mm 82A Kahuna Creations Wheels
  • *Wheel colour subject to change. 115kg max recommended weight.


Kahuna Creations is proud to announce one of the sweetest designed longboards ever created!  Originally hand painted by world famous North Shore Hawaiian artist Dennis Mathewson, made in San Diego, California.

The Haka Sea Dragon shape is 47″ X 10″ featuring a sweet taco concave shape with the old school surfboard moon tail treatment. The top design displays the Sea Dragon artwork; the bottom design features aqua-stained maple with the original Dennis Matthewson Edition Logo.

The Haka shape longboard is the ultimate in control, stability and soul riding. Easy riding for any beginner, and longtime shredders live for this kind of ride – as smooth as glass. The Haka shape features a taco concave for a great feel and responsive ride.  The sand application provides an amazing feel while still giving you the grip you need to shred.

Dimensions: 47″ X 10″ X 1/2″ (8 ply)

*Wheel colour subject to change. 115kg max recommended weight.

Quote from the artist…”Sea Dragon’s have always mesmerized me while watching them in the water. They effortlessly float and guide themselves through the currents with ease and grace. Yet, they avoid any entanglements or obstacles in their surroundings while they navigate on their journey. In Hawaii’s art environment, I tend to focus on unusual sea life and animals not normally seen in art galleries, the Sea Dragon is one of those creatures. In addition, I gave him a bit of my own edgy style including some extra spiny points to add to his character.



The Kahuna Creations’ drop deck longboards are one of the sweetest longboards in the product lineup. The beauty of these longboards is the incredible shape and style.
We begin with a huge 2″ drop, which gives the rider the lowest safest possible ride against the road.  When you ride this board, you feel at one with the road. You feel ultimate control, stability and safety because of the low centre of gravity.  The front of the board is super wide at 10.5″ and tapers towards the tail.  This profile gives the rider a complete sense of stability and control.

It is truly unique because, although, the board was designed as a performance board for serious board riders, it is very popular with beginners because you are only a short distance from the ground.  You get a sense of serious control and fun.  Great for both free riding or landpaddling – this board is a MUST HAVE in your quiver!

Artwork by world famous Dennis Mathewson. A Master Artist based in Hawaii. His words on the art work of the seeker:

For years, I tried to capture a photo of a free swimming octopus, with little success. Face it, when this creature is in the open water it becomes bait to many predators. My good friend, Gary Simons a drive instructor/captain on the big Island provided me with the reference photo that he captured on his camera one morning while diving. Although, out of focus, I was able to recreate Seeker from this reference. I see “Seeker” as an octopus seeking refuge from the dangers of the open water.

  • Dimensions: 43″ X 10.5″
  • California Beach Sand Grip
  • Concaved for Better Performance
  • Trucks: Bear 180mm Premium Longboard Trucks
  • 70mm 82A Wheels
  • Drop 2″
  • Artwork by Master Artist Dennis Mathewson.
  • Never get wheel bite
  • *Wheel colour subject to change. 130kg max recommended weight.

  • Pricing
  • $50ph - demo / lesson